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While rhyming text seems to fall in and out of favor, I’ve illustrated several rhyming books: I Promise I’ll Find You, Lightning Bug Thunder, and I Love You Too, I Love You Three. And they were all fun and a delight to work on.

Illustration from the rhyming book I Promise I’ll Find You, Heather Ward, Firefly Books.

Over the last few years, I’ve found that whenever I write a story for children, it may start out as nonrhyming prose but soon becomes rhyming. I love the playfulness and wordplay in rhymes. I believe rhymes are good for little kids for several reasons.

There’s articulation and pronunciation Rhymes concentrate the reader’s effort to enunciate in order to keep cadence and the rhyming intact. I find it fascinating that while actors, in a quest for verisimilitude, are mumbling their way through movies and TV shows, while I can understand every single (provocative) word that Cardi B utters in her rap song WAP or the profanity Ludacris raps in Get Back.

Memory… The rhythm, repetition, similarity, and framework of rhyming prose wakes up the reader’s memory and makes remembering the words easier.

Creativity… This excerpt from a new book I’m working on Demonstrates the wordplay inherent in rhyming prose.

“If you asked how many pies there’d be, I really couldn’t say.
With far too many pies to count, I’d have to put it this way;

we’d have more pies than a hungry giant could ever consume,

even with his biggest spoon and his stretchy belly like a balloon.”

An illustration from the rhyming book, I Love You Too, I Love You Three, Wendy Tugwood, Firefly Books

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